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Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu'erh

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Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu’erh is a rare and unique white tea. Due to its production technique it is a tea which does not fall into one of the six true tea categories. Some consider it a white tea, some consider it a pu’erh. Yue Guan Bai (white moon light in Mandarin) was crafted by a Taiwanese man in Yunnan, using various tea craft production methods. Once the fresh leaves are picked; the tea is withered under the moon light until it is dry; unlike traditional pu’erh tea, which must be withered under the sun. Since it is withered for a significant time, it causes some oxidation of the interior enzymes. This unique process gives the tea liquor an aroma similar to black tea. You may be surprised to see the tea liquid becoming darker after several infusions! The dry leaf is floral, woodsy, and hay like in aroma; once steeped, the mouthfeel is almost syrupy, and there’s a slight nectar sweetness in the flavor.

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
3 - 4 min
White Tea
David Lewis
June 2024
great pu-erh, fairly light, but with quite a rich taste - the tea I prefer these days
Jaron Dalton-Aragon
March 2023
I've purchase this tea twice now (did not realize until seeing my order history) This one is a unique experience for me. I love white teas and aged teas due to the aftertaste. This being a Bai Cha, I was expecting a lighter flavor. "Puer" in the title intrigued my curiosity (twice apparently) to explore this. First 2 pours will yield a very mild brew. Therefore, I recommend a rinse (I normally only rinse higher oxidized teas such as roasted oolongs)
This has a ability to give you at least 8 steeps provided adequate leaf volume. (I personally recommend that you be generous) The color is rich amber gold. Dark, yet very clear. Aroma to me at least is similar to a good aged Shou Mei with reedy (bamboo) and wet autumn leaf. Unlike Shou Mei though there is not as strong of an aftertaste in flavor. There is a lingering sensation that lasts on your tastebuds after drinking. All in all, a very mellow drink, with substance yes, but not at all "sharp" or strong as a usual Puer. The amount of buds mixed in with general leaves is of decent quality.
Brian Queenan
April 2022
Excellent tea. I use about 4 or 5g for 100ml with 10 sec steep time (gradually increasing to 20 sec) and it never seems to lose it's taste. I easily get 10 brews out of it.

The taste has been described in other reviews better than I can put it.
Jerred Toews
March 2021
This is quite possibly my favourite tea and never mind the price. Wow! This tea can withstand many many brews and actually gets a lot darker and more complex on the second and third brew and actually makes it to the seventh brew without losing anything nothing astringent or bitter in this brew at all just a bit of alfalfa on the first brew followed by a lovely common floral scent the rest of the brews. This tea is a bargain and I drink it all day beautiful iced or hot!
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