Matcha Accessories

Matcha Whisk
Essential 100 prong bamboo whisk for preparing matcha green tea
Chashaku Bamboo Matcha Scoop
A traditional bamboo tool for measuring matcha powder
Perfect Matcha Metal Spoon
Flawless matcha measuring each and every time in a sleek stainless steel spoon
Matcha Hand Sifter
Japanese hand sifter for consistently soft, clump-free matcha every time
Matcha Whisk Holder
Elegant and practical holder to maintain your essential bamboo whisk
Matcha Tin with Mesh
Japanese matcha storage hand sifter for soft and clump-free matcha every time
Japanese Matcha Bowl
Beautiful Japanese made matcha bowl for an authentic tea experience
Matcha Sakura Chawan
Beautiful Japanese handmade matcha chawan for an authentic tea experience
Matcha Startup Gift Set
The Matcha Startup Gift Set for enjoying Japanese matcha green tea
Japanese Matcha Ceremonial Kit
The ultimate connoisseur gift set for enjoying Japanese matcha green tea


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