Japanese Matcha Sakura Ceremonial Kit

Japanese Matcha Sakura Ceremonial Kit

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Origin: Japan


The ultimate connoisseur gift set for enjoying Japanese matcha green tea. This set is ideal for beginners and longtime matcha lovers as it includes everything you need to enjoy matcha at home.

Connoisseur Matcha Ceremony Set includes:

- 50g of Ceremonial Matcha
- Matcha Bowl (Made in Japan)
- Bamboo whisk
- Bamboo scoop
- Matcha sifter (Made in Japan)
- Whisk holder
- Bamboo Tray
- Full color gift box




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Howard Carson

03/16/2016, 12:04

I purchased the connoisseur kit and this is my first foray into Matcha having been drinking loose leaf gyoku for a while now. The Matcha itself is simply amazing, a very delicate and extremely pleasant taste with a distinct creaminess which is no doubt partly down to the rich froth you create using the chasen.

The bowls are stunning to look at as well as a real pleasure to drink from and everything in the kit works in perfect harmony to give you a fantastic Matcha experience. The bamboo tray is of particular importance to me for keeping everything together and for presentation of course. Glad I made the move to matcha! I highly reccomend the connoisseur kit.
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11/17/2015, 18:26

Very beautiful set! Excellent quality. Just love it! Fast shipping. Careful packing. Very pleased! Thank you
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