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Matcha Sakura Chawan

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Origin: Japan


Japanese matcha is a unique Japanese green tea that has been stone ground into a very fine powder and must be whisked (not steeped) in water before consuming. A beautiful Japanese Matcha Bowl is essential for enjoying matcha in the Japanese tea ceremony. It helps you to have a unique experience in enjoying the traditional way of tea. Choosing your chawan (matcha bowl) is a personal decision, to find one that is most pleasing to you - consider the season, style, color and design.

Our handmade glazed earthenware Sakura Bowl is the perfect way to enjoy fine traditional Japanese culture. This lovely chawan highlights the beauty and natural simplicity of Japan’s delicate sakura blossoms. With a base of white earthenware, pink pearlescent highlights, and delightful sakura design.

- Handmade

- Earthenware, fire-kilned

- Made in Japan


    Step 1: Warm your matcha bowl by pouring warm water into your bowl.

    Step 2: Empty the bowl of the warm water and add in 2 scoops of matcha powder.

    Step 3: Add warm water into the matcha bowl.

    Step 4: Briskly whisk the matcha powder with the water together until the tea becomes lightly frothy.

    Step 5: Remove the whisk and hold the matcha bowl with both hands. Turn the bowl counter-clock wise twice and serve to guest.




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