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Darjeeling Silver Needle

Darjeeling Silver Needle

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Origin: India


Though black tea accounts for 99% of tea production in Darjeeling, some tea craftsmen are producing luxurious, delicious and rare white teas in the region.

Our Darjeeling Silver Needle is unlike any white tea you have tasted before; the amount of pride that went into making it is clearly visible in the pointed buds which are slender, whole and delicate. Once steeped the wet leaf has an interesting miso-like, rich mushroom broth aroma; the pale golden ivory liquid will absolutely surprise your taste buds with its light sweetness. The infusion is absolutely complex- it is refreshing, yet with umami richness; it has a velvety smooth mouth feel, soft floral note, with fresh flavors of hay and light honey. Our Darjeeling Silver Needle is beautiful, balanced, sweet and surprising- it is a must have for any fans of either Darjeeling tea or Silver Needle.


White tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 190F/85C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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5 reviews
Quality    ****  87%

01/29/2019, 12:48

Quality    ***
I was so excited about this tea, however for me it is not really flavourful, I've definitely had better white teas.
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01/21/2018, 12:39

Quality    *****
Probably the best tea Ive ever had
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05/09/2017, 00:21

Quality    *****
This tea is an addiction! Smooth, sweet, energizing, and more! I am on my third pound of this delicious tea!
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05/23/2016, 17:55

I'm on a journey with tea's at the moment & after reading of the health benefits of white tea, I am now trialing different one's to find a couple of favorites. Of the 4 I have tried so far for my taste this is the best. It has a light delicate flavour, lovely colour ( I use a glass teapot & mug) & while it is a bit more expensive, I have up to 4 steeps from this. 3 x hot pots of tea through the day & then pop the pot in the fridge overnight for a really refreshing iced tea the next day. Value for money for me.
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12/17/2014, 03:45

Quite exquisite tea.
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