Lychee and Sunflower Bouquet

Lychee and Sunflower Bouquet

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Origin: China


Our Lychee and Sunflower Bouquet was delicately hand woven with great pride and care; green tea with flowers are masterfully tied together by hand to delight all your senses. Once the tea ball is dropped in freshly boiled water, the tea “blooms” right in your teapot or glass like a flower.

Blooming tea is special hand woven Chinese tea with flowers that unbelievably “blooms” in your cup right before your eyes! It is a beautiful and luxurious tea drinking experience fit for royalty.

The beautiful blossom unfurls and displays fine green tea adorned with a luxurious yellow flower. Its flavor is fresh green tea, with lychee fruit’s distinct sweet floral flavor. This is truly a unique way to invite a moment of calm to your day, a one of a kind experience, and also makes the absolute perfect gift.


Place one tea ball in a clear glass tea pot or tea mug. Bring the water to a full boil & pour it into the glass teapot or mug with blooming tea. Steep until the tea ball will bloom in yourteapot (takes 5-8 min). Pour all the tea into cups. Each tea ball can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times after initial steeping.


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Quality    *****  100%

Dawn Basson

07/31/2017, 12:12

Quality    *****
I tend to be skeptical of fruit flavoured teas, but this genuinely tasted like lychee (I lived in Southeast Asia for 6 years) and was absolutely delicious (and beautiful)!

I wouldn't resteep more than once, as it does begin to lose flavor and come apart.
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03/07/2017, 00:06

Quality    *****
I really enjoyed this tea. I steeped it twice, once when I let it bloom and another time the next morning when I wanted to refresh my tea. It was lovely both times, the lychee falvour is excellent.
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11/30/2014, 22:00

Quality    *****
I've used one flower in two 16oz teapots & it never lost its flavor, which is so very close in flavor to the actual lychee fruit. This flower & the lychee pearls also sold on this site are flavorful & aromatic.
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