Cranberry Freeze Dried

Cranberry Freeze Dried

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Origin: Hong Kong
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Cranberries are native to North America, they are incredibly tart are delicious tasting! Cranberries are high in fiber and anti-oxidants. Our pure dried cranberries are tart and fresh tasting, just like regular cranberries! 

Freeze-dried cranberries are a healthy option for anytime. It’s a great snack to pop in your mouth while on the go, for work or travel and at home use in recipes such as fruit infused waters, your own D.I.Y. trail mix and muffins! Children adore snacking on healthy freeze dried whole fruit because of the fresh taste and fun crunch!

Our freeze-dried whole cranberries have undergone a natural freeze-drying process to dry completely, but unlike conventional dried fruit, its free of added sugar and they deliver a tasty crunch! Freeze dried fruit contains nearly all the nutrients present in the original produce; as opposed to heat dehydrated, where much of the healthy properties are lost during the high temperature exposure.

Our freeze-dried cranberries are 100% all natural. They are tart and full-flavored, crunchy, fresh, completely raw, vegetarian and vegan-friendly and non-GMO!


Whole Cranberries
Hong Kong


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