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Jasmine Black

Jasmine Black

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Origin: China


Our lovely organic tea is produced in the time-honoured tradition of layering whole leaf black tea with pure fragrant jasmine flowers to naturally infuse the leaves with the bright, strong aroma of jasmine that is distinctly representative of China itself. Only the highest quality jasmine petals are harvested during the daylight hours and then cool-stored overnight in order to allow their full bloom and fragrance to unfold. Infuse your Jasmine Black tea and imagine watching the full jasmine flowers dance in your cup! Enjoy this fragrant and full flavored classic.


Black tea, jasmine
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    *****  100%


05/26/2020, 02:23

Quality    *****
Wonderful and intoxicating floral. It’s a very well balanced flavour
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Stephen Chaplin

11/16/2019, 05:39

Quality    *****
Not my cup of tea. I have left 5 stars because it’s ranked as “quality” and the quality is good, it’s just a bit odd tasting to me. I love jasmine green! So I thought I would try this, but it’s just not for me.
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10/13/2019, 10:40

Quality    *****
Very reach tea, I feel a little bit chocolate taste. Best black tea with jasmine!
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10/24/2018, 12:19

Quality    *****
This is an excellent black jasmine! Also unusual with very large leaves unlike any other that I have tried, and as stated, jasmine black is hard to come by. Wonderfully balanced and a visual treat! You will not be disappointed.
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08/16/2018, 22:13

Quality    *****
The best Jasmine Tea I have ever had the pleasure of brewing.
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08/10/2017, 12:57

Quality    *****
This Jasmine Black tea is the loveliest tea I have ever had. It is exactly the right balance of good black tea and floral Jasmine aroma. I have been searching for something like this and am now ordering for the third time. It's almost impossible to find Jasmine tea that is not green tea or herbal- I am thrilled to have finally found this beautiful tea and hope to never have to go without.
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