Jasmine Phoenix Eye

Jasmine Phoenix Eye

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Origin: China


Luxurious Jasmine Phoenix Eye is hand-rolled jewels of jasmine scented green tea from Fuding, China. The jasmine is a delicate, pure white, night-blooming flower that is incredibly fragrant, and prized throughout China. While it is in bloom a gentle breeze can carry its distinct fragrance through the air as you walk throughout your day. All fans of jasmine tea must try this specially crafted wonder, as it delivers a pure, distinct, high quality, and strong jasmine flavor. This tea provides consistent natural jasmine aroma- even after multiple infusions, which is a sign of a high quality jasmine tea. This is truly fragrant, it offers a balanced tea taste that lingers on and on with a delicate sweetness. When steeped, Jasmine Phoenix Eye pearls majestically unfurl, releasing their delicate scent and flavor.


Chinese jasmine green tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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7 reviews
Quality    ****  91%

Jeff Oman

05/27/2020, 17:46

Quality    ***
Average, The scenting is very weak. Perhaps 3 times but the base tea is ok.
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02/28/2020, 20:10

Quality    ****
This is a great tea, great jasmine smell and flavour.
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11/14/2019, 16:28

Quality    *****
This jasmine tea is strong. This is good jasmine tea. I prefer this one over the dragon one. This one has more natural jasmine flavour.
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Chris Downey

01/09/2018, 14:34

Quality    *****
This tea is great. These are the best pearls I have tasted. The aroma is fabulous and the taste is full and flowery but not bitter. Strongly recommend.
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Maeve Barnwell

08/04/2017, 21:27

Quality    *****
Delicious! Will be ordering more once I am close to running out.
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Sharon Niehues

10/29/2016, 12:07

Quality    *****
Everything I expect a jasmine tea to be
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01/10/2015, 02:17

Quality    *****
Beautiful aroma and shape, unfurls in the cup to release an amazing flavour. My favourite jasmine tea by any brand.
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