Long Jing Dragon Well

Long Jing Dragon Well

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Origin: China


Voted as one of China’s top teas- Long Jing Dragon Well is a fine green tea that is world renowned for its appearance and distinctive flavor! Our Long Jing Dragon Well is a truly sublime tea. Its liquor is a lovely golden jade hue, and has a pure clean aroma, and a delicate fragrance. Long Jing Dragon Well tea has a one of a kind, distinguished appearance; it has a flat, large leaf shape that tea lovers will recognize instantly upon sight. Its leaves are broad and flat, a result of laborious harvesting, handling, and drying. The labor intensive production is well worth it!

Long Jing Dragon Well tea is refreshingly smooth, silky, sweet and delicate, among the very best of Chinese greens!


Chinese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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12 reviews
Quality    ****  97%

paul gordon

03/20/2020, 20:46

Quality    *****
I just received this, and had to write a review: this is a GREAT tea. Subtle but pronounced, delicate but strong. Now on my top 3 list, with Silver Needle (white) and Golden Monkey (black).
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Stephen Chaplin

11/16/2019, 05:35

Quality    *****
I normally drink jasmine green, but this is now my daily and favourite green tea. It’s smooth, subtle, and the best green tea I have tried so far. I am definitely buying some more!
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05/24/2019, 12:35

Quality    *****
By the far the best Dragon Well I have tried from what is available in the UK.
This specific tea from Tealyra has been a daily staple of mine for the last 5 months or so.
Could not recommend more!
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André Lanciault

06/02/2018, 10:37

Quality    *****
Nous venons de nous procurer ce thé.

D’abord , mentionnons que l’organisation du site de Tealyra est très bien faite. La nagivation est conviviale et les informations sont suffisantes pour faire un choix. Notamment à cause des « reviews ».

Ensuite, concernant ce thé, il est tout simplement délicieux ????. Une odeur invitante, de belles feuilles et un goût qui a’apparente aux meilleurs thés du Japon.

Nous le faisons infuser un peu plus,longtemps que recommandé, mais déprend des goûts de chacun.

Un must!
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John Nixon

12/25/2017, 13:20

Quality    *****
I cannot fault this iteration of Dragon Well. I've tried a few other online sources for this tea, some of which are evidently of good repute. I can happily say that Tealyra's kicks all the others firmly into touch. I could tell there was fantastic potential in Dragon Well tea, and it took Tealyra to fully realise that potential for me.

I pour the hot water on the leaves about ten minutes after the kettle has boiled. I put a generous heaped teaspoon of leaves into my basic, traditional, fine-mesh infuser (nice and big, so the leaves have wriggle room) and let it brew for three minutes. Then I dunk the tea four times - quite slowly. This produces what is for me, a perfect mug of tea; no hint of bitterness and a wonderful, subtle taste reminiscent of the purest Gyokuro.

Having experimented a hell of a lot with teas recently, I am now certain that this Dragon Well is my favourite tea. I won't talk about the other two teas I like most, because you'd shout' "Philistine!"
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Agustin Herrera

02/20/2017, 19:55

Quality    *****
Great smooth long jing taste!
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Barbara C.

10/22/2016, 17:15

Quality    *****
This is a great everyday Dragon Well at a great price. My second bag is fresh with large leaves and is very smooth and not bitter.
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10/03/2016, 11:54

Quality    *****
Dragon Well (or Long Jing) is my favorite Chinese green tea, so I knew I was going to like this one. It’s the first Dragon Well I order from Tealyra, so I can’t compare, but it’s promising! This one has the characteristics of a good quality Long Jing (slippery feel, light glossy green appearance and sweet fragrance). I steeped 1 tsp of tea in a 8 oz. porcelain mug with strainer and lid for about 3 minutes. It was gorgeous! I tried a second infusion. It was still good, but not enough flavorful to make it worth it. I usually keep the 2nd infusion of that type of tea for the evening, when I want a relaxing tea, not too strong tasting and with all the caffeine gone in the first infusion.
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Dale Harrison

11/02/2015, 18:29

Quality    *****
My first experience at friends' house last weekend. Tasty and palate coating
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03/03/2015, 19:38

Quality    ****
I enjoy this. So hard to find good tea and I got lucky with this one
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03/30/2014, 10:36

Quality    ****
The Long Jing is not the best I've ever had, but very enjoyable nonetheless. The aroma is very clearly Long Jing (Dragon Well), and the liquid is golden-green, delicate but with a distinctive, slightly sweet vegetal taste of good long jing, refreshing but light.
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04/12/2010, 09:04

Quality    *****
Yes, Longjing tea is a very beautiful tea to drink
Just incredible taste and aroma it is, give you a nice relaxing tea time, and also very halty.
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