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Vietnam Jasmine Queen

Vietnam Jasmine Queen

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Origin: Vietnam


Vietnamese Jasmine Green is an incredibly fragrant blend- one may even call it the Queen of Jasmine teas! Traditionally, Vietnamese prefer their tea green, either straight or naturally scented with flowers. This fine organic Jasmine green tea was scented in the traditional way by layering jasmine blossoms between fresh harvested green tea leaves repeatedly.

Tea is an important part of Vietnamese culture, as it is infused throughout their history. Today, the Vietnamese believe that tea binds people together and expresses true hospitality; people often invite their neighbors over for quality time spent together over a fresh cup of tea.

Upon opening your Jasmine Green tea, your senses will be wonderfully enticed by the sweet fragrant jasmine aroma of the blend! The unbroken twisted leaves range in color from deep green to silvery tips, with a few jasmine blossoms sprinkled throughout. The cup is bold with robust green tea taste and a long lasting rich aromatic jasmine floral note throughout. Feel free to invite your friends over to enjoy this beauty together!

If you’re a true jasmine tea enthusiast, we recommend that you try comparing this Vietnamese Jasmine Green with some of our other Jasmine varieties to taste and explore the differences!



Organic green tea, organic jasmine blossoms
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    ****  90%

Anita Cecil

08/27/2019, 15:47

Quality    *****
Makes the best iced tea for hot summer days!
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08/22/2019, 07:57

Quality    *****
A beautifully fragrant tea which is smooth and relaxing. Make sure not to steep it too hot. If the water is too hot out can be a little bitter.
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01/11/2019, 17:56

Quality    *****
Excellent jasmine flavor and aroma! Elegant green tea great hot and cold. Highly recommend for anyone with loves jasmine.
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Jeff Oman

10/20/2018, 19:35

Quality    ***
I gotta give this one a three. The base tea is excellent. Reminds me of Northern Viet tea more related to that of Southern China. Leaves are in nice condition with lovely silver tips, however the tea was only scented perhaps three times, not enough to get a good solid jasmine experience. Makes a great green tea though if you're not a fan of the vegetal, umami, japanese type green.
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09/15/2018, 06:16

Quality    ****
Good tea, but I found out that jasmine flavor is not for me. It's smooth, maybe too smooth(?) for my tastes. I prefer Vietnam Silver Snake. Jasmine queen would be excellent as an evening wind down tea. I like it, but not in the way I enjoy Silver Snake.
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I love tea

08/31/2017, 11:33

Quality    *****
I adore jasmine tea!!!!! Jasmine Queen is the sweetest and most pure-jasmine scented green tea I have tried. It is very fragrant and perfumy, like jasmine essential oil- this is the jasmine LOVER's choice!
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