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Sencha Satsuma

Sencha Satsuma

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Origin: Japan


Organic Sencha Satsuma is a lovely daily sencha from Japan’s southern Kagoshima prefecture. Named “Satsuma” after the former Satsuma feudal domain (roughly equivalent to modern day Kagoshima Prefecture). The growing region is known for humid, sub-tropical coastal weather, hot springs, and gorgeous tea gardens.

Sencha tea is Japan’s most famous green tea, it generally refers to the first picking of the season- which is around February in milder climates.

Our Organic Sencha Satsuma’s dry leaf is shiny in appearance, deep-green in color with flecks of pale green stems throughout, and has a heady, sweet pine nut aroma. Once steeped, Organic Sencha Satsuma has a buttery mouthfeel, and a smooth taste that is truly balanced! It is sweet and savory without any strong astringency or bitterness- its taste is light, buttery, vegetal and smooth.

This is a wonderful introductory sencha tea, as it is balanced, light, and welcoming. You may enjoy it hot, or iced.



Japanese green tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 1.5-2 minutes.


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07/16/2020, 08:01

Quality    *
I've been drinking sencha for years and this particular one is the bottom of the barrel
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12/11/2019, 12:04

Quality    *****
Light tasting and affordable sencha tea, and I love it both hot and iced!
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Ugo Marsolais

06/04/2018, 12:34

Quality    *****
I typically do not like the sometimes strong vegetal taste of sencha, but this one has a very light vegetal taste. It tastes sweeter than most, and is indeed buttery. Not too expensive either, I recommend!
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Christie Lee

08/31/2017, 10:32

Quality    *****
I really enjoy this new sencha from Tealyra. It is exactly as described- balanced. The balance of sweet and savory lends Sencha Satsuma a full and satisfying taste. Highly recommend it.
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