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Sencha Tenkaichi

Sencha Tenkaichi

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Origin: Japan


Sencha is Japan's absolute most popular tea, it is characteristically known for its delicate sweetness and mild astringency. "Tenkaichi" in Japanese means "#1 under the sun", or "the best", ours is organic and premium. Sencha refers to the first picking of the season- around February in milder climates. Our Sencha Tenkaichi is organically produced, and of highest quality. Its infusion produces a wonderful sweet, buttery, grassy, slight vegetal flavor, and a pale, yet bright green grassy liquor. Only slightly astringent, our sencha has a rich buttery taste that remains lasts for multiple steeps. Try one of Japan's most famous teas in our luxury grade organic Sencha Tenkaichi!


Japanese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 1.5-2 minutes.


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Quality    ****  98%

Oregon Tea Drinker

10/18/2017, 01:03

Quality    *****
When I travel internationally, I search asian street markets until I find quality tea. It can be a lot of work. I have enjoyed the best teas in the world. Then , once stateside, I can't find a consistent high quality tea merchant. So when I'm asia, I buy a year's supply.

Well, every tea I have purchased from Tealyra is high quality. Clearly, Tealyra has very high standards and they hold their suppliers to very high standards. Thanks Tealyra!

This Sencha is sweet, soft on the tongue without astringency. Quality tea.
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02/13/2017, 18:37

Quality    ****
Very little astringency to this sencha. It is full-bodied with a strong nutty flavour. A good tea for a cold rainy day!
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01/29/2017, 12:26

Quality    *****
Best Sencha tI had so far!
It smells amazing once you open the packaging, like fresh leaves and spring days :)
Once you brew it i smells of sea breeze, iodine, sea salt and freshness.
And the flavour is sooooooooo good.

Only sencha tea I am going to order in bulk from now on.
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12/22/2016, 04:36

Quality    *****
This tea reminds me of Long Jing. It has a nutty, grassy flavour to it which is delightful. It makes a good second brew. I drink it in the afternoons.
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09/27/2016, 04:48

Quality    *****
A truly delightful tea - fresh and sweet if brewed lightly, with lots of tasty umami flavours that don't become bitter when brewed stronger and longer. I have a small collection of teas, but never seem to want to drink anything but this.
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09/25/2016, 09:44

Quality    *****
This is not my first Sencha, but the first from Tealyra I have tried. I was amazed with the rich grassy oceanic scent, the vibrant green color of the leaves, and the amazing bold taste with seaweed after tone! I drink green tea every morning and then some. I made this one my favorite morning treat right away! I enjoyed this tea so much that I have decided to order from Tealyra instead of from my regular supplier. I now have high expectations!
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Stephane Dudart

12/28/2015, 10:21

Quality    *****
Not so delicate than other sencha from Tealyra, I mean that this tea has a strong taste of good sencha with a darker green grass color and a stronger smell. Use a few to infuse to not have the theine taste. Good stuff.
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10/27/2014, 10:12

Quality    *****
The best sencha I have ever drunk !
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04/13/2014, 21:11

Quality    *****
I tried lots of different green teas and was not convinced, until I found this one. It has a depth of flavour that is really wonderful. I get the best flavour by slowly pouring the water through an infuser into the cup. And it is great cold too.
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02/21/2014, 15:32

Quality    *****
I’ve been trying a few sencha’s but they are really not my favorites. I decided to just try this one with no flavorings added to see if I would take to a pure sencha tea. Yes! I think this could be a regular tea. It has a mellow grass and toasted flavor to it. I would say like the toasted brown rice but there’s no rice in it. I'm really loving this tea.
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