Aloha Sweet Guava

Aloha Sweet Guava

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Origin: Germany


A traditional taste of Hawaii, Aloha Sweet Guava is onolicious, brah! Guava fruit is popular among Hawaiian locals and visitors alike; it has an exotic tropical tart flavor that is distinctively delicious. When you slice one open to see the beautiful pink flesh dotted with seeds, the powerful aroma is of pure tropical perfume!

Guava is considered a super fruit for its high levels of vitamin C, lycopene and other great for your skin nutrients. It also functions as an immunity booster, can help lower the risk of cancer, and is low on the glycemic index. Our Aloha Sweet Guava tisane is sweet, tart, tropical and purely guava-licious!

For a tropical paradise inspired fruit tea, try our Aloha Sweet Guava with your sweetheart, your “huapala” as they say in Hawaii! Aloha!


Apple bits, guava bits (guava, sugar), lemongrass, strawberry bits, sunflower blossom, rose petals, flavoring
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-2 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 3-5 minutes.


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7 reviews
Quality    ****  90%


07/09/2020, 21:50

Quality    *****
I enjoyed this one as well, I love the fruity taste.
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Christine Folck

06/12/2020, 22:14

Quality    ***
The tea takes forever to step and had a water taste after 8 minutes, even full steep of 10 minutes the flavor was very light. So so flavor, hopefully it will work as a mix with another tea, not worth buying again.
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05/24/2020, 14:45

Quality    *****
One of the best teas I’ve ever had . I used mine iced and it’s fantastic !
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Liz Hobby

03/17/2018, 08:18

Quality    *****
LOVE the Flavor of this tea! It's so luscious I want to drink it all the time!
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Shaina Fox

03/15/2016, 16:42

It works amazing as an iced tea. It doesn't need much sweetener, as it is plenty sweet on its own. I will definitely be buying it again.
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07/07/2015, 10:54

I don't typically go for tea blends but I gave this one a try because it sounded good and I am glad I did. It is naturally sweet and I taste the strawberries. Good hot or cold.
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10/29/2014, 23:14

A little on the sour side rather than sweet. Fruity and very good.
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