Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle Flowers

Origin: China
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One of Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) 50 fundamental herbs, Honeysuckle has been used for centuries for it boasts some incredible health benefits. Translated from Mandarin- its name meaning the "vine that lasts through the winter." It is antibacterial; a cure the common cold, and helps battle viruses in your body, it is very often used to detoxify. It is anti-inflammatory; reducing inflammation in the body and of your skin, and is known to help relieve the pain of gout. Honeysuckle is also known to help clear up skin and fight acne. In combination with Chrysanthemum, it is known to lower high blood pressure. Slender, and yellow, these little flowers produce a mild aroma- almost similar to white tea or dried jasmine flowers. The brew can also be applied for other health benefits- a few drops of cooled honeysuckle in your eye can relieve pain and have antibacterial effect, also the herbs can be boiled and made into a poultice to apply to gout to help bring healing.

Honeysuckle is a wonderful herb, but it isn't intended to be used long-term, it can have mild negative symptoms, we recommend researching it further or asking your health care professional, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner if you intend to use it long-term.


Honeysuckle flowers
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