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Japanese Pu'erh

Japanese Pu'erh

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We are proud to offer this exclusive, beautiful Japanese pu'erh tea.

Expertly produced in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan, our JAS Organic Pu'erh tea is a blend from the first and second flush harvests of the year. Prepared by fermenting the high quality tea leaves with organic rice yeast, which produces a smoky-oak woodsy flavor, with a hint of citrus peel bitterness and caramel like sweetness.

Pu'erh is an incredible tea, created centuries ago in China, it is actually live; a pro-biotic, so it is excellent to boost the immune system, it also aids in digestion, and is a wonder for weight loss. This Japanese version of a traditional pu'erh is wonderfully smooth, we highly recommend this premium organic tea.


Pu-erh tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 1.5-3 minutes.


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8 reviews
Quality    ****  98%

12/08/2017, 15:17

Quality    *****
the caramel is extremely prevalent to me in this tea. its a wonderful cold weather mild pu-erh with a great full mouth feel and light flavor. please don't stop selling this tea
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10/21/2017, 15:05

Quality    ****
A second, larger order of this tea was not as intense or full-flavored as my first order. But that didn’t stop me from guzzling through all 200g of the tea leaves in just a couple months! Unique, delicious, and memorable. Notes of dry toast or soda crackers. Great breakfast brew, but only good for two western-style steepings.
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08/31/2017, 11:27

Quality    *****
This Japanese puerh is amazing. Its flavor is clean and fresh and rich and deep. A must try!
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07/03/2017, 15:04

Quality    *****
I'm finding I dislike most Pu'er tea, but I do like this Japanese Pu'erh so much that I've re-ordered! The flavor is complex and unique, without the compost-heap taste, without dirt or seaweed on the tongue, or dirty sock stench. Instead, the fermentation with rice yeast has made these tea leaves potent, flavorful, savory, and satisfying! It's now my daily morning brew. 1 tsp. per 8 oz. boiling water in a basket of a small teapot, steeped for 3 minutes. (I always wash the leaves under hot running tap water for 10 seconds first.) A second 8 oz. steep is as satisfying as the first. Hardly recognizable as Pu'erh, there is still a hint of woodsy, clean-leaf taste that makes this brew really wonderful. Worth the premium price!
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12/08/2015, 06:12

Quality    *****
I already bougth this tea thanks to your UK and USA websites online store last year. This tea is for me the best I can drink. Its taste is complex, sweet and it is the best Pur-Erh I have ever drunk. I enjoy the new EU Tealyra's website because my order arrive to me more quickly !!!
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01/11/2015, 13:28

Quality    *****
A Slightly smoky flavor with notes of wood and caramel. Very different from the Chinese version that has a strong taste of wetland. I appreciate this japanese version.
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06/07/2014, 10:50

Quality    *****
not quite as "smoky" as I like, but still very enjoyable
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03/28/2014, 13:51

Quality    *****
I would drink this tea everyday if it weren't pricey.
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