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Artisan Red Jade White Tea Cake 100g

Artisan Red Jade White Tea Cake 100g

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Origin: Taiwan


Artisan Red Jade White Tea Cake is crafted in Nantou, Taiwan by experimental tea producers. Red Jade cultivar is a cross between a Burmese Assamica strain and a Taiwanese local wild tea strain developed by the Taiwan Tea Research center in the late 90’s. Red Jade is usually reserved for making fine black teas, though our Artisan Tea Cake is barely oxidized to offer a unique tea taste in a white tea production style.

Composed of select autumn harvested white tea and then pressed into these thin fragrant 0000 gram cakes, Artisan Red Jade White Tea Cake has a vibrant color and heady sweet grassy aroma. Once steeped, its tea liquor has a brilliant color, Assam aroma, and sweet stone-fruit notes that add a certain boldness to the leaf. The multiple infusions you can enjoy are unique, with hints of cinnamon and have a slight menthol character.




Taiwanese white tea


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04/02/2019, 00:22

Quality    *****
Good tea. I'd do shorter brews with this: two minutes per brew, taste can last to four cups easily. Really strong caffeine content. Very unique taste.
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