Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18

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Quickly making its way among Taiwan's most treasured teas, Brandy Oolong is joining the ranks of Taiwan's most famous- Tung Ting, Jade Oolong and Aged Oolong! We absolutely love our Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18! It is highly oxidized, yet not fully oxidized (roughly 85%-90%) and is processed using traditional oolong craft methods in Taiwan. The leaves’ rich amber color, and tea liquor gives this tea its unique name. Once steeped, the tea soup is a dark amber color that has heady aromatic roasted notes of caramelized honey and stone fruit. Its flavor has refreshing “cooling” minty undertones, with lots of deep, dark honey and sweet cinnamon like notes. It is wonderfully smooth and complex, without any bitterness and has an excellent sweet finish! Our Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18 will quickly become one of your favorites as well!

This is how to do it:
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
195F / 90°C
2 - 3 min


Oolong tea


by Rewa
August 2020
The description of this tea is pretty accurate- a fruity, spicy cinnamon, minty flavors. I actually added more mint leaves to it. Also, this tea would taste great to mix w/ other teas, like my vanilla black, or mango oolong b/c of the subtle fruity taste to this tea. I reseeped it 2x at 195, 3min. Flavor was still there at the 2nd seep. I could easily get 4 reseeps from this. So far, the variety of Oolongs given by Tealrya is amazing, so I would just try as much as you can over the years. They're worth it!
by James
May 2018
An unique and delicious fragrance and flavor. Similar to the best "Black Beauty #8" that I've had from Telyra. This oolong is heavily oxidized, but the resulting tea is so very smooth. Love it!
by Jon Crocker
June 2016
Let's face it, the people who've already reviewed this can do a far better job than I in explaining the undertones and mouth feel.

I will tell you , it's very refreshing. . . .very smooth, and a nice back to sit back and relax enjoying life :-)

The color is a deep reddish brown . . .Very nice :-)
by Ransom Stark
December 2015
This tea is intoxicatingly bold in flavor, and while I see people throwing out adjectives, I really cannot nail down what the essences of the tea are. I will simply say it is indescribable in flavor, and must be experienced. It seems to be capable of a half dozen steepings before its character realily starts to disappear.
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