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Izu Premium Matcha

Izu Premium Matcha

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Origin: Japan


Izu Premium Matcha is organically grown on the Izu peninsula near Tokyo, from traditional tencha leaves that are shaded towards the end of the growing period to produce the richest flavor and a deep green vibrancy. The signature sweet Izu Premium Matcha aroma is balanced out by a lightly astringent base, and slight bitterness at the end of the cup- for a complex tasting experience and distinctive flavor that is truly one of a kind. A high quality traditional Matcha with a vibrant green color and fine, light consistency.

Our Izu Premium Matcha is an excellent high quality daily matcha- it is fantastic in the traditional way: whisked into hot water, or it can also be used in matcha recipies such as a latte, green tea smoothie, and even baked goods like cakes and cookies! 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your matcha tea to find the perfect taste for you! We find it blends especially well with almond milk, or a vanilla protein powder for an entirely new taste experience!

We have recently upgraded our high quality Izu Premium Matcha- and we are sure you will love it as much as we do. We are proud to offer an even better, smoother and less bitter matcha at our excellent prices.


Japanese Matcha powder
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately.


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20 reviews
Quality    ****  93%

Arianna Marroquin

05/13/2020, 15:31

Quality    ***
Way too bitter this season. In past years I used to like this. Now I prefer the Samurai matcha.
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Shawn Ool

05/19/2019, 12:13

Quality    ****
This is good tasting Matcha. I used to buy the Everyday Uji Matcha which was good, but I just tried this one and its significantly better tasting. I recommend it.
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Stephen Mynett

07/22/2018, 12:41

Quality    *****
I drink a lot of Matcha and this is my everyday drink. I have tried several but find this has the best value to taste ratio. Obviously some of the Ceremonial Matchas have better tastes but they are prohibitively expensive for everyday use while Izo Premium provides and very enjoyable taste and it not overpriced for what it is.
I also enjoy Matcha made quite strongly and have not had problems with bitterness even when using a generous amount to make a drink.
I would always recommend this to someone thinking of trying Matcha or to those who have not had the pleasure of this brew yet.
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Matcha Newbie

12/17/2017, 12:38

Quality    *****
This is my favourite matcha yet! I bought some of this one and the Everyday Uji Matcha, and I've got to say that this is just better! This matcha is easy to whisk into a smooth tea, and it har a very smooth flavour and texture. I think this website has some of the best matcha for the price. I would recommend this one to anyone who's willing to spend a bit extra on your matcha! Otherwise, I'd go for the Everyday Uji matcha!
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Lisa It.

11/27/2017, 06:22

Quality    *****
I tried several match teas. This is the best one in taste. And the powder is so well dried and grounded that it is despersing in the water without lumpy pieces.
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ricki brideoake

05/24/2017, 20:20

Quality    *****
I have been drinking matcha for over a year now and have tried lots of different brands. This one is the best value for price I have come across. Vibrant green color and excellent flavor. It drinks like the other much more expensive matchas I have used. I went some cheaper ones for a while to save money but its just not worth it they dont taste or have the same energy benifits of this at all. Highly recommend this tea.
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04/15/2017, 09:39

Quality    ****
Your sales are not sales at all!
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Dianna Edgett

01/16/2017, 11:05

Quality    *****
This tea mixes well, no lumps, smooth and not bitter, very good value for your money. I also bought the everyday matcha but like this one much better. Worth the little extra you spend.
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12/22/2016, 04:30

Quality    *****
A favourite tea of mine. It is smooth, with a slight fishy taste, but don't be put off by that. The aftertaste is particularly pleasant and clean.
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Sandra MacKenzie

11/13/2016, 11:54

Quality    *****
very pleased with IZU. Will order it again.
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09/24/2016, 16:15

Quality    *****
I've been drinking this Izu Matcha for a few years and absolutely love it. It's affordable, creamy, delicious with almost no detectable bitter taste as long as the water poured directly onto it is well below boiling. I usually whisk it until frothy with a bit of cold water, then pour recently (not just) boiled water in.
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Ginette Bigras

06/22/2016, 14:44

Quality    ****
Si vous êtes habitué à l'amertume vous aimerez le izu. Pour une première dégustation ou pour impressionner quelqu'un avec le matcha j'en choisirais un autre.
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04/20/2016, 12:17

Quality    *****
I have been drinking this every day for about 18 months. I whisk with a small amount of cold almond milk or cold water first to froth it. Then add hot water. Simply delicious!
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N. Le Maire

11/20/2015, 12:03

Quality    *****
i got an order of this tea with a set that included the whisk and bamboo scoop and i'm hooked after my first cup! I'm a beginner and this is one habit i intend to keep. Just waking up and doing the little 'ceremony' brings a certain calm and 'zen' like ambiance, which is so needed nowadays with all the stress we go through. i work from the home and this will be my drink everyday, at least twice a day!
The flavor was exactly as they said, sweet at first and a bit bitter at the end but nothing that will ward you off from enjoying its taste as a whole. I am very impressed! As for the price, you just can't beat it, i searched other sites and they were much more expensive!
All in all, i will be a returning customer many times over!
FYI i got the IZU PREMIUM MATCHA ORGANIC, delicious!!
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10/25/2015, 13:27

Quality    *****
This matcha is great, the price to quality is amazing. This matcha is vibrant and has a very pleasant scent, no bitter taste and nice smooth consistency. This is my new every day matcha.
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06/29/2015, 03:18

Quality    ****
I drink three cups of this tea every day for health reasons. Have made it my standard beverage at home and at work.
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06/11/2015, 06:23

Quality    *****
Whisk well & drink the dregs. Taking time to prepare & savour matcha brings me pleasure every day. The energy boost is fantastic.
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03/06/2015, 07:53

Quality    *****
This premium tea powder strikes the right balance between quality and price for me - I use it daily.
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03/22/2014, 11:07

Quality    *****
My wife and I are addcited to this Tealyra matcha. We tried half a dozen of other brands and we find that this one is the best quality for its price. Just smelling its sweet scent when I open its tin container, before scooping out some for my morning mix, is a delicious preliminary pleasure.
I have one large serving each morning, and my wife has three a day.

Advise: Do not use boiling hot water, it'll hurt the tea and scrap the flavor. Seriously. This is not some snobby display of knowledgibility. I found this on my own, by chance.The instructions which come with the tea mention a water temperature of 171 deg. I bring it up between 120 and 130. The water must be hot, but just enough so that you do not have to blow in your cup/bowl. So, when the tea is drinkable just as it is served, is when I find I get the most body of flavour.

Don't do the mix with hotter water and then wait for it to cool down, it is the boiling hot water that will harm the tea during the mixing.

Also, I drink it over an extended period and it may cool down to room temperature, at which point, either I stir it a bit to bring the powder back up and drink it, or I add some more hot water to the desired dilution density, and get a second serving out of it.

Explore, and find your 'matcha-do', your 'way of the matcha'!

We highly recommend it.
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03/13/2014, 20:13

Quality    ****
A very reasonably price organic matcha and tasted great. No bitter taste at all. Will use this as my everyday matcha.
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