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Everyday Uji Matcha

Everyday Uji Matcha

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Our Everyday Matcha is the ideal choice for the matcha tea lover on a budget. Our Everyday Uji Matcha is more bitter and stronger in flavor than our higher grades, which makes this an excellent choice for those who want to use matcha for beverages- this makes a fantastic matcha green tea latte and a super refreshing green tea lemonade! 

While this matcha does share all of the nutritional value and health benefits of our higher grade pure matcha powders, this is more of a restaurant quality matcha, and is produced a little later in the year than our premium Izu Premium Matcha or our Ceremonial Matcha powders. 

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Japanese Matcha powder


by Monica Bui
July 2021
You really do get what you pay for, it has more of a powdery aftertaste and the flavour isn’t as well rounded as a higher quality uji matcha but in terms of budget matcha, this is a fantastic option. I like to have my matcha iced with a touch of honey and honestly unless you’re drinking it ceremonial style, I highly recommend this for those on a budget.
by Chantal
January 2019
this matcha is AMAZING for the price. When I read reviews on it, I figured it would be pretty good, but the green is even more beautifully vibrant than I expected. I use this matcha in lattes, and it tastes incredible - about the same flavour and quality as David’s Tea’s Matcha Matsu but at half the price for the same amount. It is a bit clumpy, but if you sift it before mixing you should have no trouble. This stuff is amazing for my college budget and tastes better than anything else I’ve ever seen for this price. I’ll definitely be buying again
by Xinxin Wu
December 2018
This is my very first time to buy matcha tea in an attempt to try homemade matcha latte. This Everyday matcha turned out the perfect one for this!!! Yummy yummy i'm utterly obsessed now! Thanks tealyra for the great tea selection with competitive price.
by Dane
June 2018
Perfect for matcha lattes
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