Samurai Matcha Ceremony

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Hand picked in the traditional manner by skilled and experienced tea farmers, our Samurai Matcha hails from the Obuku valley, and is one of the few remaining teas to be farmed and harvested by hand rather than mechanically. This traditional method produces a distinctive green tea of unmatched quality for discerning tea lovers all over the world. When prepared, Samurai Matcha provides a smooth and mellow cup. Deep in flavour and rich in health benefits, our Samurai Matcha whisks up effortlessly, an easy way to enjoy the antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins.

Organic high quality choice for pure matcha, our Samurai Matcha Ceremony tea is the perfect green tea to choose for times when only the best will do!
This is how to do it:
0.5 TSP or 1 BAG
2.4-3oz / 70-90ml
175F / 75°C
0 min


Japanese Matcha powder


by Tt
March 2021
This is absolutely my new favourite. I personally like the little sweet bitterness lingers in my mouth. As much as I like to whisk it the traditional way, I now mostly make my matcha in my Nespresso frother. Since I've given up coffee, I still make good use of it. The foam is smooth and thick and the temperature is perfect. Give it a try.
by Jim Desantis
February 2021
Over the past 5 years I have compared over 12 different brands of Matcha, some very expensive, some popular ones (DoMatcha), and many others including others on the Tealyra site.
This one beats everyone by flavor and taste and is now my watermark for any other matcha I try. It is also the most reasonable priced, and best matcha I drink hands down. I usually buy it in the 200g bag on sale and have 2 to 3 cups a day with almond milk.
Like Mikey, try it you'll like it.
by Shawn Ool
January 2021
It has a smooth, creamy matcha taste. I've tried Uji, Izu, and now this and this one is definitely the best tasting. I drink it just in water. If you're looking for an excellent matcha, I recommend this one.
by Hannah H
December 2020
This is my favorite matcha ever! It's a lovely bright green, smooth, flavorful, creamy, quick to blend, and has no bitterness whatsoever. It's absolutely phenomenal for the price point. I drink it straight, but it's also delicious when it's used in lattes (both hot and iced). It's so flavorful that it isn't overpowered by the milk at all. I've repurchased this multiple times and I recommend it all the time!
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