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Egyptian Chamomile

Egyptian Chamomile

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Origin: Egypt
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Bright and cheery yellow chamomile flowers with their naturally sweet honey-like floral aroma are an herbal infusion classic. Your cup of relaxation awaits!

Chamomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants that are in the Asteraceae family that are grown for the making of herbal tea. Not all daisies are used for chamomile tea, usually the ones grown in your backyard are not suitable for drinking, they are a garden variety and may not be safe for consumption. Chamomile has been prepared as a tea since ancient times for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and numerous additional health benefits, coined as “the cure for all ailments”.

Although we absolutely love pure organic chamomile on its own, a touch of honey only adds to the wonderfully soothing comfort.

Health Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

A tried and true calming classic; chamomile tea is widely known to help promote good sleep, it is a mild and relaxing sleep aid. Lesser known properties are that it is great for digestion, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, an aid in treating IBS, gastritis and ulcerative colitis, it helps relieve allergy symptoms. Chamomile is a mild sedative, therefore making its infusion excellent for battling anxious thoughts, mild depression and insomnia. Wonderful drank as a tonic for women’s health- aiding with those pesky unwanted PMS symptoms of cramps, digestive issues, bloat, emotional unbalance and stress.


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Organic Egyptian chamomile
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-6 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    *****  100%

Fiona Miller

11/08/2019, 15:56

Quality    *****
Best quality Chamomile tea ever
Highly recommended
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Mari Ansaldo

09/18/2018, 21:57

Best chamomile tea ever. Like in the history of the world ever. If chamomile existed in previous world's it was the best then too. Mike drop.
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m schembri

05/10/2017, 17:27

This tea is so amazing. Honestly, I cannot go back to store bought Camomile tea bags ever again after drinking this. A+++

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Quinn Nelson

04/21/2017, 00:56

A wonderful aromatic, fresh chamomile
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03/07/2017, 00:08

Love this tea. It's amazing. So sweet, clean and delicious. I believe it does help me to be calm and feel settled after a tough day/in anticipation of a tough day or just when I'm home all day with the children. It's as lovely cold as it is hot and it's just really nice to have it on hand when I need a bit of a time out.
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09/19/2014, 04:11

It's great on it's own, delicately sweet. I mainly like it for adding to other tea's though. It adds some natural sweetness to your other blends/mixes, I like to mix it with either a straight fruit mix or to dandelion and nettle. Some night tea's could also use a little bit extra chamomile. Great !
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