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Tencha Mimoto Japanese

Tencha Mimoto Japanese

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Origin: Japan
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A Tealyra North America exclusive, this rare Tencha Mimoto is produced organically in historical Kyoto, Japan. This is an incredible, fine deep emerald beauty. Tencha Mimoto is matcha in its un-powdered state. In processing tencha green tea, the leaves are shaded for 2-3 weeks before harvesting, afterward they are steamed, and dried without rolling- rather different than most traditional Japanese green teas. This tea is very nutritious, rich in theanine, producing a dark, rich infusion. Tencha Mimoto doesnt have the usual grassy astringent "green" flavor, but a deep sweet, and rich flavor. Non offensive and neutral, though it isn't weak in any way- it is a green tea to convince even green tea opponents of its wonders!

Definitely a must-try for all genuine tea enthusiasts!


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Japanese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 1.5-2 minutes.


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Adam Dabrowski

06/01/2018, 14:44

I don't consider myself as an expert but I know what I like.
This is not my cup of tea (hah).

It's really "light" and pretty much tasteless.
it's not bitter though (it's kind of sweet).

I tried to experiment with brewing times etc but that didn't change much (2nd steep is a bit better).

I'm going to try Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 next...

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02/09/2017, 08:43

One of the decent green teas out there.

However, be aware it is a pain to clean afterwards since the small pieces can get stuck on the infuser.
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Peter Wawszkiewicz

03/11/2016, 00:18

Better than I expected, from the first sip I knew I'm gonna be hooked on this tea , I'm not so sure about aroma but love the taste which is very sweet, smooth, velvety not so nutty, little leafy and unique aftertaste of light honey, perfectly ripe avocado or unripe walnuts
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10/23/2015, 23:29

This tea does not have too much initial fragrance or fresh appearance but once it is brewing the unique leaves turn bright green and the water becomes extremely vibrant. Slight to no bitterness when brewed right this tea is a must try for green tea lovers.
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06/23/2015, 12:56

I have been enjoying green tea for the past 10 years, drinking it on a daily basis. This is a spectacular cup of tea...definitely in my top 3 favorites of all time. It is fresh, clean, sweet and brews wonderfully. I could drink this all day!
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Christie Lee

05/16/2014, 11:35

Wow! This is one of the best finds in green tea. It is crisp, clean, and bright flavoured. Truly a unique tea treasure!
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