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Yame Gyokuro Grade 1

Yame Gyokuro Grade 1

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Origin: Japan
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Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 is a high quality first flush Gyokuro grown in Yame, Japan. Yame is one of the most important Gyokuro growing regions in Japan, it produces more than half of all Gyokuro teas! Our Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 is treated as a luxury tea for a special occasion. Gyokuro is specialty Japanese tea that is shaded for approximately three weeks. Before harvest the tea trees are covered using old traditional methods with special bamboo tents. Shading produces tea that is theanine-rich, and very aromatic and produces a liquor that is a beautiful shade of green; the flavor is uniquely sweet and delicate, without any astringency!

Our high quality Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 is treated as a luxury for a special occasion because of its rarity and extraordinary taste, aroma and complex characteristics. This is not your every day tea but a tea that should be celebrated with!


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Japanese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 1.5-2 minutes.


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02/24/2018, 11:19

My favorite green tea out of all the ones I've had. It's got lots of grassy alfalfa flavor, with umami theanine aftertaste. Very light and smooth.
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Thomas Richmond

10/17/2017, 07:57

One of the highest quality teas I have ever tasted, definitely top shelf grade- clean marine kelp/seaweed with fresh vegetal notes and an intense umami savory punch. Well worth the expense , very uplifting, positive tea :)
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Jeff Larsen

03/25/2016, 14:33

I compared 3 similarly priced Gyokuro varieties: Gyokuro Ureshinocha, Gyokuro Premier, and Yame Gyokura Grade 1. I found the Gyokuro Premier and Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 to be indistinguishable from each other. Both of these varieties yielded tea with a richer and better flavor than Gyokuro Ureshinocha. In all case, I heated 8 oz of water to 130F and steeped with 1 tsp of tea leaves for 1 minute.
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Stephane Dudart

03/14/2016, 10:17

With a dense green color and intense and sweet fresh grass to the taste WITHOUT theine aftertaste. Wonderful tea. Smell it when you open the bag...
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08/23/2015, 10:41

Really fragrant, and subtle yet rich at the same time. Don't brew more than three minutes, about two finger pinches per small pot (2 cups). Delicious, my daily tea, I keep a lot on my shelf. Also, for those concerned about the nuclear accident, Yame is VERY FAR away, it's south of Jeju island South Korea. I can't give up my green teas from Japan (they taste different from anywhere else), and Yame is the best for me, and also very worry-free.
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05/09/2014, 09:53

When made properly the way I like it I haven't come across green tea this good ever! I like the water to be around 60-65 degrees before steeping the leaves. The taste is wonderfully sweet with green tea's unique umami flavour. I can't get enough of this tea. If you like your green tea buy this. You will not be disappointed. A little goes a long way so don't afraid of the price. 5 stars.
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