Fuzzy Peach

Fuzzy Peach

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Origin: Germany


Fuzzy Peach is the freshest, most delightful and peachiest fruit tea around! It is absolutely full of juicy, fresh-picked peach flavor and sweetness that sure to satisfy.

Our caffeine-free peachy blend features apple, carrot, pineapple, peach, and rose petals for a beautiful herbal blend with a delectable peachy taste reminiscent of an aromatic peach dessert- without any of the guilt. Once steeped, the brilliant golden liquor releases a creamy peach aroma, at first sip the sweet taste of candied peach fills your senses and develops into a full-flavored juicy peach taste.

Enjoy Fuzzy Peach brewed hot any time of the day, or try it iced for a refreshing juicy taste.



Carrot flakes, pineapple cubes, freeze dried red/yellow peach crunchy (concentrated peach puree, tangerine, concentrated strawberry juice, concentrated black carrot juice), natural flavoring, rose petals, safflower, apple cubes
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-2 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 212F/100C and steep for 5-10 minutes.
Always brew with boiling water and let infuse for 5-10 minutes to obtain a safe beverage!


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Quality    *****  100%

ms b

05/14/2020, 12:58

Quality    *****
Surprised how sweet this is, absolutely delightful! Am excited to try it iced. Will buy again.
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Quinn Nelson

04/21/2017, 00:46

SO FRUITY. Seriously delicious. Just...a little overwhelming at times. Also, because the tea is heavy (dense) it costs more than the average tea per spoonful. (Maybe I just should be using less though, considering how I just said it's overwhelming sometimes.)

I imagine this tea would be a hit with kids, though the lack of sugar (compared to juice) might hold them back.
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01/21/2017, 21:48

I really liked this tea iced.. Super yummy, especially with a spoonful of sugar/honey. I mixed half teaspoon of this with half teaspoon of spearmint and it was sooo good.. will be reordering.

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10/20/2016, 09:58

Wow This is one of the best tea's I have ever had, I added just a little sugar and it seemed to bring out the natural flavors, fruity and delicious, my new favorite It's a must Try..
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Shaina Fox

03/15/2016, 16:42

It works amazing as an iced tea. It doesn't need much sweetener, as it is plenty sweet on its own. I will definitely be buying it again.
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07/07/2015, 10:54

I don't typically go for tea blends but I gave this one a try because it sounded good and I am glad I did. It is naturally sweet and I taste the strawberries. Good hot or cold.
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10/29/2014, 23:14

A little on the sour side rather than sweet. Fruity and very good.
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