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Pure Hibiscus Tea

Pure Hibiscus Tea

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Origin: Egypt


Breathtaking hibiscus flowers are not only lovely to behold, but also a healthy ingredient used as an ever-so-popular herbal tea! Consumed traditionally by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt to help keep cool in the desert, and in Mexico for centuries as an excellent hydrator! It produces an instant ruby red infusion, that is pleasantly tart, with a sour taste very similar to cranberry juice. Popularized in the west as an ingredient in many iced teas, hibiscus tea is known for being naturally high in vitamin C. The tartness can be offset by the addition of a touch of sweetener of choice, excellent with sugar, honey, stevia, and also delicious with spices such as cinnamon, or nutmeg!

Hibiscus tea is an excellent alternative to sports hydration drinks, which are usually packed with unhealthy chemicals, salt and sugar, it is also known to lower blood pressure. Studies show that hibiscus may fight low grade inflammation, reduce anxiety and help combat mild depression. Dieters love hibiscus tea because when consumed regularly, hibiscus tea has shown to aid in lowering the body’s absorption of starch, glucose and carbohydrates which may help with weight loss!


Organic whole hibiscus flowers
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-2 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 3-5 minutes.


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01/09/2018, 20:37

Quality    *****
I just drank my first cup of this delicious tea. Have been told it is a very healthy tea, looking forward to enjoying it a lot in the future.
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03/22/2014, 08:45

Quality    *****
Tastes very tropical. Hibiscus is naturally a very sour herb, though, be warned. Sweetener of some sort brings out the complexity, so that you can taste something besides sour. I recommend putting honey in it. It's a all around great tea, good for kids or people who can't handle caffine. I typically have it at night b/c I can't have caffine after four in the evening. It's good for colds, too, b/c it has vitamin C in it naturally.
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