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Raspberry Punch

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Rich, juicy raspberry perfectly balanced with organic green tea. This is an honest tea blend, incredibly simple, and you taste what you see! Raspberry Green features a sweet, almost buttery but very "green", and quite vegetal tea flavor with strong, fresh berry tartness and real raspberry flavor. We've added a touch of hibiscus to bring the blend together, but it isn't overpowering, and adds just the right amount of tartness. Bright red raspberry gems are sprinkled throughout, there is more raspberry in this blend than green tea- this is one sweet, fresh and fruity brew. 

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This is how to do it:
1 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
175F / 80°C
2 - 3 min


Organic green tea, organic raspberry, organic hibiscus, natural raspberry flavor.


by Mary Streit
February 2021
This was the first tea that my husband actually offered a compliment on it's taste. He is not a huge tea fan, but he drinks whatever tea I put in his cup for the day - with lots of honey of course. This tea is a nice blend of green tea and sweet-tart. Very refreshing. Good hot or cold.
by Smooth And Flavourful
January 2018
Very smooth and only a hint of tartness - not so much that it is overwhelming or needs sweetener (unless you normally use one). They used the perfect green tea to compliment the natural raspberry- it's neither too grassy nor smoky. A wonderful green tea and stunning to look at. The prettiest tea I've owned. This one will be a new green tea staple in my house. Even my teenage daughter loves it. And both green tea and raspberry are well known for their weight/fat loss attributes.
by Natalia
May 2016
UPDATE: I have noticed that if brewed for longer than advised then the raspberry flavour becomes very prominent to the point that it will mimic the 'raspberry teabag' experience that we are all used to. You can also play around by scooping out more tea or more berries for different flavour variations. Such an interesting tea!
by Natalia
April 2016
High quality green tea. I had a privilege of tasting some high quality green teas and I can say that this one is definitely an upper shelf one. The raspberry flavour is not very strong so if you're looking for a raspberry juice-like tea you will not get it. Instead you will get a lovely creamy and (exactly as described by tealyra) buttery vegetal flavour with a hint of raspberries. If you like this type of vegetal teas then you will most certainly love this one. However I know that many people do not like this type of tea so if you're not sure then get a small package just to try. In my opinion this tea would go great with a salad or cheese
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