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Strawberry Kiss

Strawberry Kiss

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Origin: Canada


“Hatsukoi No Kaori” is one of Japan’s most expensive types of strawberry, it is so pale in color, it almost looks white- its name translates literally as "scent of first love." Enjoy this delicious strawberry and floral Bao Zhong oolong blend that is pale pink just like the famous “Hatsukoi No Kaori”! Strawberry Kiss infuses a strong fruity pure strawberry tasting cup of tea that is irresistible! Celebrate strawberry season with our fresh, full, and sweet all natural tea blend. Bao Zhong oolong is bright, floral and “green” tasting. Strawberry Kiss is the perfect tea to enjoy with your beloved!


Premium Bao Zhong oolong, freeze-dried strawberry pieces and slices, apple pieces and cubes, pear pieces, hibiscus blossoms, marigold blossoms.
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 195F/90C and steep for 2-4 minutes.


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Quality    ****  84%


08/04/2020, 13:55

Quality    ****
An ok tea by itself. Tastes and smells so much like bubblegum, it can be a bit off putting. Mixed it with a somewhat overly tart tea (white garden bouquet) and found it really balanced out that bubblegum taste, giving it a more natural berry flavour.
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06/18/2020, 06:30

Quality    ****
A little too soft for my tea liking but I found that this makes a GREAT cold water bottle drink. I've been brewing this just to cool off in my fridge and drink throughout the day. Tastes amazing cold! Use it as "flavoured Strawberry water" that adds a 2/5 kick of caffeine to your smoothie.
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Jay Hansen

08/28/2019, 21:55

Quality    *****
This is a great flavor. I felt it has an apple strawberry flavor.
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06/11/2018, 19:41

Quality    ***
Not very strawberry tasting, more appley and pear flavour.
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Annie Gagnon

04/03/2017, 19:35

Quality    *****
Wow this tea is divine! this is the best, by far, strawberry tea I never tasted! i need more of this tea and gonna buy again and again!
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