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Pu'erh Vanilla Mint

Pu'erh Vanilla Mint

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Origin: Germany


We’ve never met someone who doesn’t absolutely adore the comforting aroma and flavor of vanilla mint! Our full flavored and creamy blend features super fresh pure peppermint; it is refreshing, cooling, and wonderful for digestion! Here is an excellent way to add pu’erh tea to your daily routine- it is a delicious way to become accustomed to its unique earthy taste! Pu’erh is a wonderful health tonic that has shown to reduce blood pressure, promote healthy blood circulation, and generally make you feel better. It is amazing for melting fat in the body, and can help you lose weight when paired with a healthy lifestyle and better choices. Our Pu’erh Vanilla Mint is light, creamy, and refreshing!


Organic pu'erh tea, organic vanilla, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic liquorice root
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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Quality    ****  93%


06/18/2020, 06:28

Quality    *****
Very nice fresh taste.
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wendy west

01/10/2019, 19:23

Quality    *****
i love this tea. ive been trying to change from coffee to tea cause i cant drink coffee without sugar and cream so i thought ild try tea so i can have it just black. now this one i like with a very small amount of cream so its a good fit for me. i love the light minty taste and i get a hint of liquorice which i love. i dont notice the vanilla taste but i do smell it which i enjoy as well. my first pu'erh tea. i think im in love lol
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05/15/2017, 14:59

Quality    ***
I have tried a few different Pu Erhs from Tealyra and loved them all - my favorite being the coconut and cocoa!
This one was my least favorite. The flavor is ok. I found it a little bland, mildly minty. I don't get any vanilla or cinnamon notes in it.
I also found the smell of this one a little unpleasant, a little "fishy". Maybe is just got a not so great batch or maybe it's just the way it is... Some Pu erhs just have that smell... I tried giving it a little rinse before brewing, but the smell is still there... I won't purchase this one again.
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Robin Watson

04/03/2015, 06:53

Quality    *****
Complex and delicious.

Question: What's the base tea? Is it green-tea pu-erh?
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Tea Addict

03/29/2014, 14:48

Quality    *****
There is something very delicious about this tea. Minty but not too minty and kind of chocolatey but very subtle. Delicious on its own or with soy milk.
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02/18/2014, 06:21

Quality    *****
love this minty vanilla tea - my favorite Pu-erh
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