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Peak Ceramic Cup Infuser 580ml

Peak Ceramic Cup Infuser 580ml

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Our handsome Peak Ceramic Tea Mug is heavy and thick walled, so your tea will remain at the correct temperature even longer. The infuser is easy to load and clean and fits just right in the mug itself. This mug comes with an extra-handy lid to optimize brewing, also doubling as a coaster for your strainer after steeping. The super-fine tea infuser could also be used with other teacups, or your favorite teapot. Peak Ceramic Tea Mug is incredibly practical, making each and every cup of tea a breeze to brew and enjoy. We think you will fall in love with our Peak Ceramic Tea Mug just as we have!

Design features:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe (except metal infuser)
- Heat resistant to 120C/240F
- High-fired ceramic
- Removable stainless steel infuser
- Ceramic lid that doubles as a coaster for tea infuser
- Capacity: 19.0oz / 580ml


18.1oz / 580ml


by Vera L.
April 2022
GREAT mug GREAT quality and GREAT price. Perfectly designed set of three components to work well together. I like the colour choice,m however I decided for the white one so I can see and enjoy the different colours of teas. Which by the way are also superb at TeaLyra. And with the discount they very often offer there is even grater pleasure to shop there. I would definitely recommend TeaLyra to any tea lover. Vera L.
by Jim
November 2019
The best tea cup. I love it very much.
by Lorrie Richeson
January 2019
I love this Peak Ceramic Cup Infuser. it's convenient and simple to use. I use the lid to keep my tea hot if I step away and my blend fresh until the next use. Quality and prompt service. AWESOME!
by U-Ways
September 2018
1 year and still going strong. Thanks for the great product.
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